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Been using OSCAR for probably 4 months with the guidance of the sleep apnea board and using cautious trial and error. Sleep med doctor looked at the reported data, was pleased with it and noted no problems - except the facial irritation/dermatitis. Last week's AHIs were 1.79. 0.71, 0.54, 2.18, 2.40, 2.41, 1.93.

For that, I could find a liner/strap cushions for my mask so made my own. I recent bought a liner for my other mask. Also tried the cortisone-10 cream treatments.

One of first things I did was turn EPR on. Started at 1, moved to 2 after a few weeks, then moved to 3 a few weeks later and left if there.

I started with an auto-adjust on with a low range and gradually moved it upwards every 5-7 days until I could see the auto-adjust not bumping the pressure higher to handle an apnea event. I still had events that pushed the CPAP to > 19 so I made 20 the high. For the low, I analyzed the events and the pressure at which they started for a week then adjusted the pressure high enough to prevent some/most of them, then repeated the process trial and error. 16 seemed to be reasonably effective.

My sleep doc wants me to sleep on my back as much as if possible and I do too because of arthritis in my neck, shoulders and hips which side-sleeping seriously aggravates. I do sleep some of each position every night because of the pain and I do use a soft-collar to minimize/prevent chin-tucking.

The nose plugging and the gas passing/burps weren't a problem until the last week where some local pollen source went crazy.

Thanks for your reply.

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The nose has cleared some, but the burps/gas passing continue, so I've backed down the pressure range top and bottom a bit to see if I can find a balance between acceptable AHIs, aerophagia and sleep position.