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Blood Marker Testing

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@mayblin, Interesting. Thanks so much for laying all of that out. Dr. Miller shrugged and said that it could be microstructure of my hip and this may be the way I was born. I was surprised to get a call from the infusion center without having another discussion with him. I don't think I am a candidate for Evenity (not covered by medicare by the way, but neither is Tymlos) because I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my 20s and I have high blood pressure (controlled by low dose meds). It's not from prolonged sitting, that I know. What would be an example of an abnormal mechanical stress?

I'm off to read T-score discordance between hip and lumbar spine: risk factors and clinical implications and hope I can decipher it. I have trouble understanding these studies! Opening commentary: "T-score discordance is common in osteoporosis diagnosis and leads to problems for clinicians formulating treatment plans." Great.

Just read a bit. How do you know if this is a minor discordance vs. major? TIA

Thanks again.

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Would you please share the source of your information about Medicare not covering Evenity or Tymlos? This is the first time I have heard this. Thanx.

Evenity is covered by traditional Medicare if you have the injections in an infusion center.
I just had my 12th Evenity injections and every penny of the $5,000+ cost was paid by Medicare.
When I first started the drug, both the endocrinologist and the rheumatologist called the infusion center that very day to schedule it. The infusion center called me before I got home from the doctors office.
I am shocked at the price tag on Evenity and would love to see the breakdown of where the money goes.
As far as results, I have a dexa tomorrow and will report back.