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@v1crew, It’s been more than 9 days since we heard from you. So – How are you feeling? Is that platelet count cooperating? And did you bring Saoirse home yet?
Know that you are in my thoughts. I have a special concern for anyone with liver disease.

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Well feel tired. go figure. Platelets still hanging around 50k. Decided after doing some research that my SCLE maybe caused by long term PPI use. Stopped taking them and is is far less severe. They say could take anywhere from 4-10 months to clear , so to speak. Yes, I went to Kentucky last weekend and picked up Saoirse!!! She is home and a happy handful! Expensive proposition but I am very glad I got her! She already threw me off my couch. Craig

It’s clear who is going to rule the roost v1crew 🙂 What an adorable puppy. I hope you get full night sleeps again soon. I assume she is getting you up early or in the night.

Hi Rosemary IDK how all these msgs got lost,lol

Craig, All of your messages have been coming in as far as I can tell. Sometimes my emails are delayed, but the internet Connect are right on time!

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