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Hi, @v1crew. How are you getting along? I haven’t seen any posts lately by you, and I’m just wondering. Did you get your service dog? (I think I saw somewhere that you hoped to get one). How’s your energy and appetite doing? Rosemary

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Just been busy .. Got moved that was a pain, but worth it . Probably wont get my puppy till the end of Nov. Thats ok still have a few payments to go. But it will be worth it. Might be living on water strew for a while.lol I was ot expecting to see this pup ti;ll about Jan ,so I will have to step things up. Going back to Jacksonville in Oct. More tests MRI blood etc. last time I went my score jumped up 5 pts in 3 months, Not good. But thems the breaks , as they say. I will just keep doing what I am doing, try to stay as healthy as I can. Not much of anything else I can do. Got my diet as good as I can and stay on top of medications. I try to get as much exercise as I can tolerate.When I don’t feel good that is none but You know how it goes. Some days chickens,some days feathers lol

Good for you, @v1crew! moving on the best of days is a real pain!! I admire your attitude. It sounds like things are moving along. Congratulations on being proactive in keeping on course with your diet, medications, exercise. I’m sure that you have been told that all of these things will be to your benefit when transplant time finally arrives! It helps with both surgery and recovery (I know that for a fact). You’re bound to be excited about that puppy! Man, you’ve got 2 great things to look toward in your future. I’ll end by sharing what my local GI told me after I was listed and going thru all preliminary things. He said to, “Think of it as preparing for a trip. Right now we are packing the suitcases and loading them in the van. So that when it is time to pull out of the driveway, You’ll be ready.” Hope today is one of your good days. Rosemary

That is an excellent way to put it!

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