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Cervical Disc Replacement vs Fusion

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Ouch! You have mega allergies, it sounds like. That’s awful. I’m glad my jaw surgeon believed me and that I had no problems. I do know of someone who kept getting problems and as soon as they were removed her symptoms went away - but now she lives with no real joints! 😩
I feel for you on the ankle. Years ago I fell down some steps and somehow landed with all my weight upright onto a concrete floor, landing on one foot and then my leg promptly collapsed. First I thought I’d possibly broken my ankle or my leg in some spot as I couldn’t put any weight on the leg whatsoever. Got to ER and they were totally baffled after XRays showed no broken bones and my leg was already massively slowly from foot up to just above my knee. Still couldn’t put any weight on it.
Turned out I ruptured the ligaments between my two lower leg bones but didn’t break any bones - I was 64 at the time so we laughed at my good bones! I lucked out and with non weight bearing and a boot for quite awhile, it managed to heal up after a few months.

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Thanks, @wisco50 I suspect that the metal exposure of my dental work done at a fairly young age set the stage for metal sensitivities later on. I had the typical silver amalgam fillings. I had stainless steel crowns when I was 9 for a few years, had several root canals in the next couple years, and in my 20's, I got the first set of permanent crowns. Everything had metals in various mixtures back then of course. I think it was around age 40 that I started having trouble with metals in earrings, and since that time, I just gave them up. I do have a lot of other allergies too to pollens, mold, etc.

Your ankle injury sounds crazy. I'm glad it healed and you don't have continuing issues. My ankle is kind of like living with a sprain all the time that can be ok, but then fatigues and it sets it off. Sometimes the alignment of the joint slips a bit. I find if I pull my foot down away from the ankle (by grabbing my shoes) it helps ease it a bit and takes some pressure off. When I need some support, I use some vet wrap and high top shoes/boots. My injury happened falling off a horse that bolted, so it had speed increasing the impact with the ground. Luckily, I didn't injure my spine at all, but my ankle obviously hit first.