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I have MGUS

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jHi there. I have been away from this group for awhile. My MGUS numbers have remained stable. My hematologist and I credit it to the 6 grams of curcumin that I take everyday. I also have a-fib, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. In the ast 3 months I have fallen twice causing compression fractures. They have been fixed. Now I am scheduled for a knee replacement because that knee has been causing my falls. My anemia is under controll with b-complex injections. Is everything connected I don’t know but I hope this is the last surgery that I will ever need. Anyone that messages me I will respond..

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I will look into that…curcumin. I just got out of hospital today. Another infection. Trying to build up my immune system. Have a nice weekend.

Sorry to hear you were in the hospital @lisa54. I was wondering where you went. Everything ok? How are you feeling?

This is briansr. Every time I try to send you direct email, post or
reply, view etc I can’t. I get a message on my screen stating ” Your
connection is not private “. I replied to a post you sent out by going to
the top of the post and using the arrows to send this. This message
needs to get to Colleen young please. I need help. briansr

She will see this I’m sure. You sound like you are having an emergency so if that’s the case its probably beyond the scope of this forum. If you’re in a 911 level situation don’t hesitate to call it.

@briansr, check your email for a message from me on my procedure for sending a private message. There may be others, but mine has been working. Martin

not so well they put me on another antibiotic very strong for two weeks. can not go in sun I get sunburned within minutes. I grew a lump between my left labia and leg that was 8 inches long. The doctor cut the lump and removed half of it and let the cut stay open to drain. I bled for two weeks and hurt. My labia developed MRSA. Oh this is just never ending. One infection after the other. I am an outdoors person and since I live in Minnesota when spring and summer came I was so excited. Draw back with all the meds I am having to stay indoors. Other than that my A1C went down three points in two weeks. I believe my blood sugars went high because of this last infection. This happens whenever I get ill. Hoping all is having a good day. Lisa

@lisa54 Lisa: I’m so sorry to hear of your problems. While I’m not familiar with MGUS (until I googled it just now), it sounds as if you have been through a lot in recent times. I hope that the coming days bring you some relief with the antibiotics and continued healing. Best wishes, Teresa

I do hope you are doing better. My son was told five years ago that he has MGUS, it has been a study decline with many health issues since. He sees so many doctors that it makes my head spend. God Bless you.