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I have MGUS

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Welcome to Connect @lisa54. I see that you connected with @dawn_giacabazi and @johnwburns on another discussion thread. Good to get to know a bit more about you. Please allow me to introduce you to @briansr who also has MGUS. I'd also like to tag past Connect members @anne1960 @bonniecanby @j42smith @momofthree1 who were talking about MGUS a few years ago and may come back to support you.

You're in good hands at Mayo. I assume you've received information about MGUS including this overview http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/mgus/home/ovc-20199535 What is your course of treatment at the moment to manage the issues with the white blood cells and deal with the risk of infection?

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Feel free to post. I appreciate the feedback. Thank you

nothing. Seriously..I spent 4 days in hospital and they put me on Cipro 24/7 for infection. Only gave me ibuprofen for pain and lots of fluids. They also started me on NPH an insulin, is no fun. I have type 2 diabetes also and my blood sugars where high. I have gained 40 pounds and feel like I can't breathe normally. My legs and feet are swelled. I wear saddles because my feet don't fit in my shoes. My breasts are very heavy and hurt day and night. I get yeast infections non stop. I eat red meat and other high Iron foods for my anemia. Mayo wanted me to do Iron Infusions and had sent orders to Roger Maris Cancer Clinic and my doctor refused the orders and told me to eat more and take over the counter Iron supplements. I don't go anywhere much, do to fear of catching something.

Often understanding and realizing others health problems and disabilities helps you realize that yours aren't that bad. It helps you learn how to live within their means.


I had extensive back surgery in 9/21 during Covid. After my surgery I was sent to City of Hope, Medical Ongologist. I have been seeing him every 3 months for labs. I was told it was because some of my blood work was off after surgery. I assumed it was because I had 2 transfusions during surgery. I recently was able to check my documents on line. I knew my iron was low as I was put on meds. I saw a diagnosis of Monoclonal Gamopathy which I was not aware of. I have read a lot of comments and relate to them. I was also diagnosed with CKD 3 which was new. I have known of this diagnosis and am seeing a nephrologist. I now have a lot of concerns-my dad died of lymphoma. From what I’ve learned from this site I should ask for a baseline BMB at the least. I see my GP next week and I will address these concerns with her. I appreciate what I have learned already in this group and will continue to check in.