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Life after prostate cancer

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I believe my Mayo surgeon is one of the best. I put the operation on hold. I can not afford any down time. Concerns I have are how reliable is the equipment? Might I need additional surgeries? How comfortable is it to use? My testing revealed a hyperactive bladder. Am I going to be going pee with so much urgency that it makes it useless? Does it still leak? Especially with urgency. Does it effect sexual activity(assuming I have any).? My condom catheter does not have any of those problems. Problems I have are inconvenience. I also have stripped all the pigment off my penis from the adhesive. I did Kegel exercises in the beginning . Did I give up to soon? The condom cath lets it free flow. Would kegels still help? Testing revealed I have a pretty good muscle when I hold it. It just releases when I am not.

My wife has GBM . We are on hospice. But thanks.

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Your questions are valid and important. Regarding Keagles my assumption is just like building up any other muscle group for strength it’s never too late to give it another try. A close friend of mine was having poor success with continence until he saw a pelvic floor therapist. The therapist analyzed what he was doing, figured out what he was doing wrong, was able to explain to him how to do it right. Now he’s fully continent. Might be worth a try.