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I was taking a PPI for the last month for acid stomach. The script was only for 30 dayswhich was up two days ago. I feel great but when I wake up in the morning I feel a little discomfort...not pain, not nausea, just like a little something is not quite right. As soon as I eat I am fine all day and night, I am wondering if I should be back on the PPI, although I would rather not....

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I'm replying just because I have a bad feeling about PPI's. I have a bezillion things wrong in my GI tract, from mouth to anus; from life altering serious, to serious, to sensitive, to painful, to little pain, etc. I have used charcoal capsules for many years; helps with gas, air, nausea, cramping, etc....without causing anymore problems or nasty side effects. It is very important that you take the charcoal alone, not @ least 1-2 hours before or after any other product, the charcoal can hinder the absorption process for a bit. I am 65, I used to do whatever a Dr. said to do or medicine to take, I trusted them to be correct... but no more. When "idiopathic" is in too many diagnoses, that is a HUGE RED FLAG for me. Like I said I, know little about the real truth about PPI's, so, for me, it would take a lot of convincing to take them. You said "...not quite right ". I am still learning how, but that is your body telling you to listen to your body. Good luck with your hunt for answers.

Would you please share with me which PPI you were on. If it's not one I have tried, I will definitely try it-Thank you so much ksdm

Mornings are always the worst time of day for me. Thank goodness you can eat and get some relief. I couldn't keep anything down-lost 30 pounds.