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bradycardia -- what's a too-low heart rate?

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I too have a very low heart rate - usually hovers around 38 to 40. I have done a fair bit of research on bradycardia, and from what I understand; it really isn't a concern UNLESS it's a change. In other words, if your heart has always beat slowly, then that's your normal. I certainly am not a doctor or any kind of health care practitioner, but I've seen a few doctors and they all say the same thing - including a cardiologist. What is of concern, from what I understand, is the blood pressure related to the slow heart. I went to the hospital the other day because my systolic pressure was over 200 - now with a slow heart rate - that could be serious.
I also know that I have had a heart murmur my whole life, so perhaps there are some issues there. In any event, if you are interested, I can send you links to what I have read about bradycardia.

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I hope you can find a resolution. I too, have episodes of very low heart rate: down to 30, which is as low as Apple Watch will measure. Have had as many as 20 ‘low heart rate notifications’ per night but can’t get any helpful feedback from my cardiologist regarding cause. I initially fainted, which caused the focus on bradycardia as a possible cause. Other than the initial syncope episode, I have no symptoms when my heart rate is extremely low. I have done all the usual tests and even had a Medtronic Loop heart monitor implanted in my chest but have received no useful information from it.
I have bradycardia episodes for months at a time and then go several months without extra low bradycardia. Then, repeat the pattern. What are some causes that others have been told by their care team? Thanks.

Hi - just read your post on bradycardia. I would so appreciate any info . I have had bradycardia for a long time but my rate at sleep is as low as 26- I’m panicking and my heart stops for 5.2 secs 1time in 14 days with monitor. And now I’ve been experiencing lightheaded ness .Otherwise have lots of energy and feel good . Just scared to go to sleep . 12 yrs ago the heart stopped at sleep for 2.3 sec . So it’s getting longer . This is all so worrisome . Any thoughts? Advice?🙏