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The PD Protocol was developed by Jodi Knapp and has a book written for it. Book is on Amazon about $45, but I read a posting from someone who did it and was doing very well.
After my diagnosis I researched for 2-3 days and gave up as nothing but bad news, However there are some very interesting things going on that gives hope. Exercise is stressed, like walking but I need a walker and can't walk vey far because of stenosis and sciatica. I inquired about clinical trials and waiting .
Zhittya Genesis Medicine is developing a drug, fibroblast growth factor 1 (FGF-1), to possibly treat Parkinson's disease by growing new blood vessels in ischemic tissue in the brain.
Also DBS, Deep Brain Stimulus.
search online
I was diagnosed last October, however my Dr. said I likely would have been diagnosed a least a year ago or longer as I had tremors for some time.

I will post my efforts as I move forward to my knee replacement in May. I plan to ask if I should get a bone density test because of my age and the possibility of PD causing bone problems.
I signed up for Thursday Webinars from MJ FOX Foundation which should be interesting.
I get Meals On Wheels but its a struggle with other meals and all household "duties". BUT I have an Angel who not only does MOW s Monday but stays for 2-3 hours and works in my apartment on EVERYTHING! bed, dishes, washer dryer, floors U name it So I am blessed to have her.
Sorry long post about my issues just kind of offering where I am and hope to be going. I was very active in sports, tennis, swimming and dancing.... all in the past, but might be able to dance with new knee and able to control back pain. Wish yall the best and we have to deal with what we have and stay positive. Later folks. Gary

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Thanks for all that great information, Gary. I hope it all goes well for you. Speaking of dancing, our Rec Center in addition to Parkinsons Boxing also has Parkinsons Dancing. My husband attends the Boxing, not the dancing, but most of his fellow boxers do and they all enjoy it greatly. Perhaps it’s becoming more available in other areas. (We live in CO.)

Also, I wrote last year that my husband was having problems with curling toes which impacted his balance if he stood too long. His medication was increased but didn’t help and Botox was suggested. He has purchased Toe Separators which are helping so hopefully won’t need the Botox.

As always, I’m impressed with the generosity of this group in sharing information and dealing with this disease. Thanks.