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Liver Transplant

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You are awesome Colleen! I appreciate all of the information and contact you provided.

Yes, I have been a volunteer U.S. Forest Ranger for 25 years and focus on Wilderness Patrols. Once a month I climb up to 9,500 feet and base camp there for 3 nights and 4 days. During that time, I hike up to the tallest peak in Southern California at 11,500 feet. I must admit that it kick my behind more these days, but it doesn’t stop me from the passion I have for being in the wilderness. I also run a Senior Service business in North Coutny San Diego. I am always confronted with people who have physical and cognitive impairment in addition to dealing with at least 3 clients a year that I take through the final process of life. I truly enjoy being the person comforting them in the final moments while holding their hands and ensuring that they are completely comfortable. Therefore, these outings help to rejuvenate me and my soul for the next round of clients.

Here in also lays the challenge of having to go through the process ahead of me. Taking 3 months off for a liver transplant when I have so many seniors relying on my care is a big challenge. I do realize that I am no good to them if I am no longer a part of this world, so I will do what I have to do. Being so active, I am not the typical “lay in the hospital” type of person. So the recovery process concerns me more than the actual surgery and it’s implications.

Thanks again for your support!

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WOW you are doing some exciting hiking! My husband and I enjoy hiking. But not quite to your level of skill. 5 months after my liver/kidney transplant, I was back on the trail; but took it easy.
You say you are not a ‘lay in the hospital’ type of person. Most of the recovery after the initial surgery recovery, is ‘out patient’. After being sick for months, I felt better immediately after my surgery. Pain was manageable. Mostly got tired easily, so daily naps were vital for a while. I would say that by 9 months things were pretty routine for me.
Take care, listen to your body and to your medical team. Hope you enjoy many more years doing all those things that you love!