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Complete left side pain, from top to bottom.

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Hi Jennifer, I was wondering how long it took you to be seen at Mayo Rochester? I may go to Rocks for some sessions of MFR at the end of the month, not the intensive thought, it was quite costly ( 2 weeks of 3 sessions per day straight)
I feel like i am similar to your case ( cervical stenosis on the left, C5 disk bulge and TOS on the right ) with late addition of pain traveling up to my head. I really hope I can be seen at Mayo soon.
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@snowmass When I sent in imaging and reports because I needed spine surgery, when the nurse talked to me, I was told getting into Mayo was about a 3 month wait, and I said OK. That is variable between departments and can change with patient requests and capacity, so you'll need to go with what they say the wait will be. After my request, it was 5 weeks later that I got a call from Mayo offering a consultation appointment because there had been a cancellation. I think the appointment was a week later, so I had to figure out quickly where to stay. We were driving, so I had only a hotel to reserve. You may want to figure out the logistics now so you are prepared if you get a call for an appointment on short notice. I do think that the complexity of having a cervical spine condition and TOS (thoracic outlet syndrome) together would increase the chances of being accepted as a patient because TOS is something that is missed by many doctors and not understood well, and it can have overlapping symptoms with a spine problem that can make getting a correct diagnosis challenging. Mayo does diagnose and treat TOS.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.