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ET and chemical pre-cautions?

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When I was a toddler I was outside playing and the plane came over to spray the crops,...well.... I also got sprayed. My mom immediately took me inside and gave me a bath. I am wondering if that is where my problem began. I am extremely sensitive to meds. I could not take the Hydrea or Anagralide.

I went to the Mayo Clinic yesterday for a consult. The dr I saw was great!!! Her suggestion for next treatment would be interferon injections weekly or Eliquis (blood thinner). I see my hematologist tomorrow and we will discuss a treatment plan. Yesterday was the highest my platelets had ever been 825. She called me today and didn't want me to be alarmed because of my numbers.

She says I'm ok until I get to a million my hematologist doesn't want me to get to a million. Different opinions. Different suggestions, Will see what I am told tomorrow.

The guessing game continues!!!

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The most likely interferon is Pegasys. Since I was already on Eliquis, a blood thinner, for AFib I do not have to take low dose aspirin while taking Hydroxyurea,
Best wishes, Eileen