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Cerebellum Brain Atrophy

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Hi @oldsuzanne55 Sorry it was such a disappointment for you. I agree with the accents. I sometimes have trouble understanding. I don’t know if going in person would have made it any better. Do you think increasing the Sinemet will help. I don’t have a diagnosis of Parkinson Disease. It is a neurological disorder. I do have a neurological disorder and benefited from a Keto diet. The body learns to get its energy from the consumption of fat and NOT carbohydrates. Perhaps you can discuss this with your doctor if it can help your husband. This diet was developed back in the early 1900s to decrease the occurrence of seizures. It became very successful and popular until medications were developed. It was easier to “pop” a pill than to follow the diet. I know a friend you had complained of tremors. Someone else in the family had also gotten the tremors. My friend had gone on the diet to lose weight in preparation for his wedding. After losing 25lbs he had stopped the diet. Shortly after his tremors came back. He told me he was tremor free while on the Keto diet. It may be worth a shot to ask your physician. Hope you are doing well with the internet technology. Toni

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Thx, we will try the Keto diet, but he loves carbs so dont know how it will go. He no longer drinks alcohol. dr told him to stop. He does not seem to miss it. Has good days and bad days. Has to eat frequently , I think low blood sugar affects his walking.