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Cerebellum Brain Atrophy

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Thx for your input. We have an appointment with the neurologist on September 15and I have lots of questions. The dr is not a specialist in Parkinson’s and I want one who is , so am going to ask for a referral. I cannot get him up by myself. I call one of our sons or 911 and the police come. He has good days and bad days, in regard to his walking. If he sits door a long time, over an hour on a hard chair, he is terrible. Legs are like spaghetti. Sinemet helps but I keep telling him it only lasts 4 hrs and he has to take it on time.

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I'm so glad to hear that you have an appointment scheduled later this month, @oldsuzanne55. Yes, a Parkinson's specialist would be a good idea. This type of specialist would be called a Movement Disorder Specialist. It is a specific type of neurologist who specializes in movement disorders, Parkinson's being one of many movement disorders.

It sounds like a change in his meds (either the dosage or the frequency) would be helpful at this point, but the doctor can make that decision.

Here is a discussion group about tips for meeting with a new specialist that you might find helpful,
Will you post again after your appointment on the 15th? If you have any other thoughts or questions before then, please post them here.