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Cerebellum Brain Atrophy

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Hello @flo1957 have you tried UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA MORSANI COLLEGE OF MEDICINE in Tampa Fla. https://health.usf.edu/care/neurology 813-974-2201

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Hi sunshine! I am just seeing your post! (I actually may have seen it but have forgotten). I have not been to OFSFMCOM. Because I have been repeatedly dismissed by the medical community, I had stopped seeking medical help. Here are a few reasons why I stopped: Because my GP could not understand why my tests were coming back with several bizarre results, I was asked if I was drinking antifreeze! I had gone to a local ER (for a suspected kidney stone) and, after an abdominal CT scan, the doctor come in and told me that my appendix was pink and healthy and my gallbladder showed no signs of stones and was also perfectly healthy. I had my appendix REMOVED in 1981 and my gallbladder REMOVED in 1998!!! Then, when I saw my GP for the hypertension, the day after the ‘crisis’, the doctor took my BP, which was still 198/120), when I told my doctor about a few other symptoms I was concerned may have been related to the high BP, his response was, “Well, you could have read all of that on the posters on my walls!” Sigh!
I had continued with my pain management clinic, as my pain continues to worsen (and, because of the ‘War on Opiates’, my dosage has been drastically cut). I tried desperately, to focus on participating in life and just ignore my symptoms. I just couldn’t take the dismissals or the comments, basically telling me they believe I am just a nut job!
So, I did my best to ignore my health issues and focus on life. Until recently. My BP shot up to a ‘hypertension crisis level’ (235/123), I am getting increasingly clumsy and my memory issues and cognitive skills, are rapidly deteriorating. Even though I am frustrated with the medical community as a whole, I can no longer ignore my symptoms. At this point, I am terrified! I am not only terrified because of my mental deterioration, but I am terrified that the doctors will be unable to put the pieces of this puzzle together and I will, once again, be dismissed as a hysterical middle aged female or a wacko!
I have, just recently, gone back to my neurologist here in FL and I am now having several tests to see if the atrophy has progressed. I have a MRI tomorrow.