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There is always an underlying reason for nosebleeds that are as copious as everyone has experienced. It just takes the right physician to take the time to work through a diagnostic differential. Therein lies the problem!

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My primary and I had a Virtual Visit the day after the second episode. And I wrote a note that I dropped off yesterday at her office. In it, I informed her that 4 days after that Virtual Visit, a third episode occurred, but we were well prepared with the items that she had explained to do (as had the otolaryngologist who had cauterized and treated me with the first episode). Saturday's sudden nasal bleeding was much less intensive than the others, but still disturbing because I concur that there has to be a REASON. I have never had nose bleeds before! My primary (whom I absolutely trust and respect) had sent a script to my patient file for blood work, but in the note I shared with her what a couple of mayoconnect members had suggested regarding blood factors to test. I am more concerned that the source of my nasal bleeding lies deep within the nasal cavity. I had a CAT scan 2 years ago, because I was having such problems with breathing through the very nostril that squirted blood three weeks ago! The scan showed no problems other than my deviated septum. The doctor who took care of me with the first nasal bleed is incredible, but it's imperative to have an otolaryngologist who is not an 80 minute round trip drive. In the past 6 years, I've been brushed off by 4 ENTS that I turned to for help. All I've been told is a litany of "...saline spray, a prescription spray, etc., etc...." Not surprised, now that I think of it, that the left nostril that barely allows air in/out, (and the reason that I sought help from those 4 ENTs) is the very one from which blood flowed and squirted and scared the heck out of my husband and me. ALL 4 doctors told me "...can't find anything wrong with your left nostril..." Riiiiggghhht! And look at me now, with that very nostril having suddenly upending my world...

I'm keeping notes on whatever I feel in my nasal passages/eye pain/nerve pain/even the slightest headache. Today is Tuesday, four days since the latest episode. Let's see what transpires over the next few days...
One member took the time to write to me in detail how her husband had developed nose bleeds, but he was lucky that he lives in an area where ER departments have doctors that will attend to nasal bleeding. He got appropriate, attentive medical care in that ER. I didn't. He had his situation attended to, and astute medical professionals in that city finally found the source of his problem. I've been told "...there's nothing there..." Unfortunately for him, it was a growth that had to be excised and then receive treatment. I pray that he escapes the diagnosis of cancer. Therein lies my own fear, my concern about the source of my nasal bleeding. My primary has not tsk-tsk-ed me, and I'm grateful to have her on my medical team, as well as my wonderful vascular cardiologist (whom I'll be seeing also).

Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I do appreciate it.🌺