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3 years ago, I had 4 mysterious nose bleeds within 2 weeks.
The 1st one stopped after squeezing the nasal tip for 45 minutes , but #2 & #3 required cauterizations. When #4 started, I sprayed in Aftin and help my nose for only a few minutes before it stopped. (Maybe I should have used cotton.)
No explanation for the cause, but the blood was flowing from the septum side of the lower part of one nostril.
I now use Simple Saline (no preservatives) spray and - when the air is dry - a small amount of coconut oil in my nasal passages before sleep.
An ENT in the ER of a Boston hospital (that specializes in ENT problems) said that if there were more nosebleeds, surgery was possible.
I think that a combination of dry air and thinning nasal membranes left nasal capillaries without protection they had when I was younger.
My experience was not as bad as yours and I also had a partner who was able to drive quickly to the best hospital for this problem.
I’m so sorry that you had to endure this nightmarish experience.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your experiences resonate what I've undergone.
Yes, Afrin sprayed cotton inserted into the left nostril (the one that literally pours out blood) absolutely helped. Ditto to the squeezing (which I did for 90 minutes this past Saturday when I had episode #3!).
We've had air purifiers and cool mist humidifier stationed strategically throughout the house, and most definitely in the bedroom. And yet I experienced what I call "nasal hemorrhaging" episodes.
I'm looking to be seen by the incredible otolaryngologist who cauterized the nostril with the first episode. She also removed sizable blood clots that had lodged in my throat (making it difficult to breathe and swallow). I'm so worn out and stressed with this additional "condition" placed on my already seriously filled medical plate. Doesn't do much for my ongoing depression either, and adds more to my husband's intense heart issues.

Gracias for your input. Deeply appreciated.