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Had the same thing 2 years ago! Spontaneous nose bleeds, difficult to stop! Did anyone do lab work, specifically a calcium level/PTH, take your blood pressure or any other diagnostic tests? Just a couple of shots on the dark… Bloody noses could be caused by extremely high blood pressure. In my case it took an astute female Dr to review my lab work to diagnose a parathyroid tumor. These are usually benign, mine was. There are 4 parathyroid glands having nothing to do with the thyroid gland, but help control the calcium levels in your system. My signs & symptoms were missed for over five years which resulted in a severe osteoporosis! Have you internist check you serum calcium, PTH, and BUN levels. I am sure this was & is very distressing to you!

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Thank you so much for responding and sharing your experience. 🌺

At least I was ready when I had the repeat performance of my scary nose bleed yesterday.
I hated waking up my husband since he has sleep interruptions due to severe neuropathic pain in his feet but I needed his help with doing what I had been informed would stop the bleeding (and avoid yet another event like the first one on March 18th).

The plugs that he helped me shape from small cotton square rolled into "plugs" sprayed with Afrin absolutely did work! My doctor had suggested cotton balls but the little square pads were great. Took about hour with them in place, and having to replace them twice before the bleeding stopped (as did the disgusting warm blood down my throat and gagging!) and I was able to kinda sleep sitting up, propped by many comfy pillows on the family room sofa. It was difficult having to breathe through my mouth because I'd keep jerking awake whenever my mouth would close and I guess my brain registered "Wake up! No oxygen getting to me!" After getting up, showering, and having a light lunch, I actually was able to go over to our older daughter's home (she lives about 5 minutes away in same town) and do a laundry. Yeah, our washer chose to just stop working this week, to add to my stress level. And you are absolutely spot on when you indicate blood pressure being a factor! Despite metoprolol succinate extended release and losartan, my BP was elevated this week due to the stress of the unknown etiology of the sudden nasal bleeds but also brought on by dealing with a dead washer (that had clothes in it when it chose to stop working), getting a repairman to the house and then learning that the mother board needed replacement so it was not worthwhile saving the 12 yr old appliance, and then coming to grips that I would replace BOTH appliances so that they would both have a distal demise...the dryer had been "hiccuping" for the past month also, with at times extending a dry time of 28 minutes to over an hour and then upping it again by 47 minutes, which meant that I had to keep an eye on the dry cycle...so yes, the stress of facing a major output of money for new appliances had my heart palpitating (I also have irregular beats but not atrial fibrillation thank God).

I did have blood drawn at the second ER that I was in on the first nose bleed event (March 18). And all those tests were normal, no low or high readings of crucial items. But of course it did not include specifics that you indicate your primary ordered. I had a Virtual Visit with my outstanding primary this past Tuesday (day after the second nasal episode) and she had the blood work results done on the 18th so she was pleased to see that all had been fine. Of course I will drop off a note at her office here in town (literally 4 minutes from our home) regarding what you indicated. I drop off notes rather than email via the patient portal since the portal does not always work for me. It's a new system for the medical group and still is quirky, so dropping off a note is way more efficient and direct since her nurse attends to it right way, making sure that my doctor reads it. Her nurse is amazing and she is the one who gives me my monthly B12 shot. So I'll drop off a note tomorrow (she's in the office on Mondays which works out great), asking if she might consider having those specific levels tested. She will definitely be concerned that after speaking with her on Tuesday via Virtual Visit that I had yet another event just 4 days later. The lab is within the same building so it will be easy to get blood drawn.

I do know that I have osteopenia but not osteoporosis. I have fallen several times and thank God no breaks or fissures of any kind. I've had balance issues for over 9 yrs now, and just recently got a diagnosis that explains why, but I can't share that just yet...still wrapping my head around it and the impact on our lives...

Your reply and that of another member have both been very useful and appreciated. The fact that you experienced a similar situation at least relieves a bit of the stress of thinking it could be a vascular issue (although I will be contacting my vascular cardiologist this week to get his input as well). Two otolaryngologists have indicated that the problem lies within the nose passages itself. I will be making an appointment with the one that cauterized the left nostril (the one that literally pulsed and gushed warm blood out the opening as well as flowed down my throat). I vetted her and learned about her incredible education and experience, and that she is also an outstanding surgeon (just in the event that it should be required). The doctor at my medical group pales in comparison, so of course I'd choose her!

Can you share how you are doing now, since having had the parathyroid tumor addressed? Was it excised or treated by another means? It would be helpful for me to know.

Be well, and thank you again💖.