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Bless You! Do you use Flonase or do you take Fish Oil? Flonase can cause nosebleeds in some people and Fish Oil is a natural blood thinner. Taking Ginger & Feverfew can also cause nosebleeds. Have you had your K level checked? Low Vitamin K can cause nosebleeds. Praying for you to get better. This has got to be scary.

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Thank you so much for responding🌺.
No, I do not use Flonase or any other OTC. Had been prescribed a spray but found it not useful so stopped about 2 yrs ago (used it for about 9 months). I do use Ayr, an OTC saline spray which helps with nasal dryness. We also have air purifier in the bedroom (and in living room and family room) as well as cool mist humidifiers.
I've never been on blood thinners but had taken (as prescribed by cardiologist) low dose aspirin, which I stopped taking when I ran out about 7 weeks ago. Quite honestly, I just forgot to purchase to replenish it. No fish oil, because even the "odorless" offends my nose. I had been on Nordic Naturals Omega supplement (lemon flavor is great), but take only 1 gel capsule daily instead of the indicated 3 per day. Have been taking that for about 6 yrs with no issues, but after the nasal bleeding episodes gave thought to the fact that whenever I've had any type of surgical procedure (even dental such as root canal) I'd been asked to not take. So I stopped taking it as of March 19th (the day following the first nasal bleeding episode.
I don't use ginger, except for a sprinkling when making stir fry dishes, and have never used feverfew. Another member responded with info regarding her own sudden nose bleeding, and how her doctor did incredible investigating into her blood components and discovered it was due to a parathyroid tumor. Live and learn! How wonderful that her doctor was so astute. I am communicating with my primary and asking about certain testing for my blood. Yes, I had blood drawn on the day of the first episode and ALL results were fine, no red flags of any kind.

Quite frankly, I am anxious now about venturing out for fear that another episode can occur. What I find a bit comforting is that we wear masks to everywhere we go, so now I'll just place what is called "a dam" under my nose, which will be concealed by the mask! And I plan our errands, etc., anyway so I won't have to be out for very long. All our doctors, stores, etc., are within a 5 to no more than 10 minute one way trip from our home.

Gracias for taking the time to reply to my post. May you enjoy a blessed and peaceful Sunday today, and the week as well.😊🌺