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Martin Jensen, Volunteer Mentor (@predictable)

Diastolic dysfunction and resulting a-fib

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I owe everybody on this thread — especially @hopeful33250, @dawn_giacabazi, and @cynaburst — an update on my Diastolic Dysfunction after visiting with my cardiologist a few days ago. He told me A-fib is the very definition of DD, which is now a condition I probably can’t avoid, and after 2 years of it, I have learned to manage it. Since I have no tangible symptoms (other than a tendency to bleed from wounds, thanks to Coumadin therapy) he saw no reason for surgery and believes no medication would “cure” me. So management is the challenge, and he flatly stated that I need not fear trying a beta blocker in that effort. So my nephrologist prescribed carvedilol to bring my blood pressure down, starting with a minimal dose, possibly raising it over the next six weeks in hope of reaching a maximum positive (balanced) result.

Does this make sense to you? Do you have any suggestions for me based on your experience?

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Martin: Thanks for the update. I wish you well as you pursue new treatments. I was not aware that DD and A-Fib were related, this will give me something to discuss with my cardiologist next month. My blood pressure tends to be low at times with a big gap between the diastolic and systolic numbers, perhaps that is related to the aortic insufficiency. I am planning on ordering that blood pressure monitor that has been discussed. I need to keep an accurate handle on what is happening. Please keep me posted on how your new med therapy is working for you.

Teresa, I pursued the DD and A-fib link after seeing some research from Mayo suggesting that beta blockers could produce adverse effects in some more serious DD cases. It turns out that the threat of this is rare — not for those of us who have DD as a result of A-fib, according to my cardiologist, but in cases where there is moderate to serious DD but no A-fib. So he gave the green light for me to take Carvedilol.


Hi Martin
Recently I started having high Diastolic numbers and feel nauseated or tired. Cardiologist tried 24 monitor and couldn’t find any afib

What additional tests should I ask him to conduct ?

My DP hovering around 90 and I feel nauseated when it does and can’t even do small things

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