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Diastolic dysfunction and resulting a-fib

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Good question @predictable. I think @hopeful33250 @cynaburst @dawn_giacabazi @evelyn247 @matthewbosner may have some thoughts and experiences related to diastolic dysfunction, symptoms and treatments.

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Hi @predictable: I have DD it seems to be due to multi-valve regurgitation with the aortic valve having moderate regurgitation with a DX of aortic insufficiency. (My heart valve probs began at age 11 and I'm 68 now, so I feel that I've done pretty well, overall.) At this point I'm just taking an Ace Inhibitor but as my last cardio-pulmonary stress test showed a reduced heart functioning from the previous year's test, my meds may change. I had one cardiologist explain DD this way: if you have DD when your heart is at rest it will remain stiff, not relax entirely. My only symptom seems to be exercise-induced fatigue. It seems that no amount of physical training can help that type of fatigue. If I exercise, I know that I'll be very fatigued. I still keep exercising, though, because I know that the long-run benefits outweigh the fatigue. I'm looking forward to hearing what you and others have to say about DD as well.

Thanks @dawn_giacabazi. News to me!<br><br>@predictable<br>

I would like to add the PGx testing is now covered 100% by medicare and most private insurances. It is currently covered by medicaid in 39 states.