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admission to a hospice unit - not even SURE they have such a thing here in Oklahoma - especially the very East end of OK......I am only 30 miles from Arkansas. I suppose IF I lived in OKC or Tulsa area it would be different; but I am 2 hours away from those cities. I agree my own health has been suffering......I have found I am not only a CAREGIVER but also a Case Manager, Wife. Housecleaner, Property Maintenance. Not sure how long 'end state' is since Cancer Doc put him on Hospice in Sept 2022......that's why I asked IF the pacemaker is the reason. I certainly thank you for your reply.....

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Hospice eligibility criteria may differ from region to region, but typically hospice care is offered when a person has a life expectancy of six months or less. Sometimes when someone's condition improves, perhaps unexpectedly, they will be taken off of hospice care.

Hospice care can be delivered in the home where the patient lives, and in some regions, there are hospice facilities that admit patients for their care to end of life. Whether your husband is on hospice care or not, he is eligible for palliative care to manage his symptoms, including pain, to keep him comfortable.

@saintdijo, I'm so glad you came here to let off steam. Taking on the 24/7 job of caregiver in addition to case manager, wife, housecleaner, property manager and likely more, is enough to bring anyone to their knees. As @IndianaScott always says, "super heros are only in the comic books! No one is Superman nor Wonder Woman when it comes to caregivers. Just everyday folk doing super hero work as best they can!"

I added your post to the Caregiver Support Group (https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/caregivers/) so you can connect with others like Scott, @angls64 @lemertens @ruthannray @una @crf who have experience caring for someone with stage 4 brain tumor.

Saintdijo, it sounds like you are getting little to no support within the community. Do you have options available to you to get someone in to help and give you a break periodically?