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I saw my Electrophysiologist yesterday. He did an EKG showing that the ventricular tachycardia remains the same as before my last ablation. Since the medication (beta or calcium blockers) seems to be ineffective, he recommended a second ablation (that time it will work!!). Should I get a second opinion? Is it better to stay with the team that did the first ablation, although they didn’t stop my arrhythmia? I hesitate to change the EP team as they already have an experience with my heart.

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@lelorrain, a second opinion can be helpful and does not commit you to any procedures by the second physician. Same for third and fourth opinions. After hearing from them, you are better equipped to decide on the surgeon. My EKG shows only atrial fibrillation not ventricular arrhythmia, so my experience is not relevant to yours.

A second opinion can be really helpful and help you be better informed about your options to make the best decision for you. Here’s an article I came across that has questions to ask about ablation that may be helpful to discuss with your current doctor or others as you explore further procedures.
Wishing you the best and keep us updated.

Sorry to weigh in on this so late. If you mean SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) I had the same diagnosis. I also had atrial fib and flutter. And I had 5 ablations. The first 4 didn’t work for a variety of reasons- I am an anomaly in this case and it shouldn’t discourage you. It is pretty common to need 2 ablations- statistically.. My fifth ablation was a pulmonary vein ablation. I think a second opinion is always a good idea. After my second ablation I told my Dr that I wanted one. And he suggested that I go to Vancouver since everyone in that field was in the same office in Victoria. It just confirmed to me that I was on the right path. I had complete faith in my doctor but I still wanted a second opinion. Also, over the years I had to switch medications several times since the particular beta blocker that I was on stopped being effective. Since the successful ablation I am off all meds except for a blood thinner which apparently is protocol for a procedure like mine. I wish you luck. martishka