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Granuloma Annulare: Any ideas for treatment?

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Good evening @10dendel, @germangal, @tommyd, and other members who are struggling with the itching symptoms of GA, Granuloma Annulare. When I see the words " Please Help Me", I recall my shockingly difficult situation with Neuropathic itch. It took two years of misery and fearful uncontrolled itching before I was introduced to a relatively new Biologic........ Dupixent or Dupilumab.

The information I found online is associated with scientific findings related to the use of pen injections of Dupixent in resolving the GA itch. I simply wrote....."Can Dupixent help GA itch? " You can also visit this government site for the following section.

"Generalized Granuloma Annulare Associated With Dupilumab Therapy on ncib.nim,bih.gov"

Please know that I am not a medical professional. However, I want to help as much as my limited medical education will permit.

Another option is to ask your dermatologist or PCP to help with the research. And the final option would be to call Dupixent directly. ( 844 387-4936) They have medical professionals on the phone and you can also talk with folks in the laboratory responsible for the current research and clinical studies.

Please let me know what you find out. You may help many fellow patients.

May you all be safe, protected and free from inner and outer harm.

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Hello, I have only been taking the pills since Feb and doing light therapy since then as well. Neither one seems to be doing any good. Is there any hope of the spots or blotches disappearing at in the future? I feel I’m stuck in the house forever. Have u found that warm water causes an issue at all? What about sun? No one has any answers at all it seems.
Thank you.