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I had a stress test today. They inject with the dye, you wait an hour and make new friends in the waiting room, Then you go in for a scan taking pictures of your heart. Go back and wait then get let in a crowded room with 20 electrodes tabbed to your body to monitor your heart. Injected with lexiscan that mimics your body getting exercise. Really, I thought? An over worked cardiologist is in the room during this 8-minute procedure. The first bodily reaction I felt was that i could not catch my breath. Then I felt crowded, squeezed and my belly got warm. not much after that except a bit of unsettling in the stomach. They ask how you are and remind you it is the meds making you feel different. Once the time was up, the Dr Kye, cardiologist reviewed the printout from my EKG and said very good. Very good. Regular beats, no big fluctuates or any of that. Blood pressure 110/62. No caffeine for 24hours. Maybe that is why. It usually has been good,
They then have you go eat and have some caffeine to counteract the meds affects for 45 minutes. I waited for the 90 year old man before me to finish. My turn for the scan camera to take another 8-minute round of pictures across my body of my heart. Results will be in a few days.
It certainly is a crap shoot on what illness we may have.
splashgirl1961, I wish you the best. I do not want leukemia so transplant it is,

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You’re in the thick of things now! That testing week is a crazy, isn’t it? I remember looking at my patient portal and wondering how I would get through all those tests! LOL. You’re certainly having some experiences this week…keep your sense of humor. It helps!!
Hopefully all your tests come out great.