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Arachnoiditis: Trying to find a specialist

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I’m afraid I don’t know what it is. Can you please explain?

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I only know of a doctor I'm going to who is in Manchester TN. Like you I was very confused by the diagnoses and almost every doctor in my area had no clue what it was so therefore treated me like I was crazy. They kept telling me I was imagining things. It was very frustrating. It is a terrible disease and so painful doctors don't understand. I recently had spine stimulater implanted which is designed for nerve damage and currently working on getting it set right. Don't let anyone talk you into a pain pump because that is not for our disease. I hope this helps some. Good luck in finding someone to help you. 

@jenapower I had to research what NMO stood for. There are so many acronyms for conditions I find it difficult to keep track of them!
In short,NMO –Neuromyelitis optica — is a disorder which involves the eyes (optic) and the spinal cord (myelitis). Here is a link for the full review. http://mayocl.in/2qwCDRy

Thank you, I appreciate that

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