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Saline Nebulizer question

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Thanks, Scoop. I have ordered some of the 3% and will give it a try. I do my clearance early in the morning before I eat anything and again before dinner. I am experimenting with my vest. The Hill-Rom clinician said to adjust the numbers and time as needed. I'm 5"2" and 110 lbs, so a little goes a long way. Some of my chest discomfort may be from coughing. I'm new to this and trying to feel my way, learning as I go. Mayo Connect has been very helpful so far.
My first pulmonary doc kept putting me on Prednisone for recurrent pneumonia, doubled my Advair scrip, and also advised me to use Flonase. She has been very accessible and attentive but she doesn't have a great deal of experience with bronchiectasis. My ID doc is part of a B/NTM team at Vanderbilt and recommended I transition to their pulmonary doc. It makes sense because my PCP and other docs are all in that system and it is easy for all to share/access records. I have asked the V team to re-evaluate my B meds. Thanks again.

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@katmckay If you have not already it might be useful to review the information posted in the following thread:

Good luck with the new and improved health care team, sounds like a good move!