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Lung volume

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Hello Friend,
I hope you update on your recent appointments. So many of us with lung damage feel isolated when those around us hear our words but do not translate what it actually feels like to not be able to breathe. You have lots of people here who understand the fear and stress. I have had very low lung capacity from past lung damage and anytime I have an infection. I sleep upright, which is ok, I’m used to it. I meditate, use only natural products, and do gentle yoga and gentle exercise in general, which really helps me. I am praying for you, you are never alone. A loving God and Angels are watching over you. With Love : )

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Thank you for your reassuring words. I will keep you in my prayers, along with all the inflicted people in the world.
I have been working with a physical therapist twice a week. I have a set of easy, but effective exercises that I do daily. It has made me so much better, physically and mentally. It gave me self-confidence and ,some, much needed , peace of mind.
Will you share with me what your lung capacity is? If not, I understand.
You have a good day for yourself and God bless you.


Hello John, just LOVED seeing your photo with the gorgeous ocean behind you .. you go fella! Love it! I am SOOOO happy for you that you are just plain taking charge .. working with a physical therapist .. finding serenity .. so happy for you! I was blessed with a friend getting me started working out at age 30 so when the MAI/MAC hit me I was really in pretty darn good shape . Truthfully I don’t have a clue what my lung capacity is .. I looked over my November 2015 testing from Mayo Clinic .. really didn’t know what to look for. Frankly I rely on Dr. Aksamit to put “the puzzle” together and figure out what needs to be done with my treatment plan .. that is how much I trust him at this point.

All I know is that at age 73 I can hop on my Nordic Track and go at it for 30 minutes while I watch something on Netflix .. and then do my yoga after. I have an attitude of gratitude for that. While I was really sick with the MAI/MAC and before I went on the meds I was coughing so badly that I strained my back and didn’t work out for several years .. really just got out of the habit. Amazed that I COULD get out of the habit after so many years of doing it. But am now back at it and happy to be more active.

Again, John .. so happy you are so active and doing so well! Sending you a big hug! Katherine

You are such an inspiration. Now I understand something about your condition and like they say “never assume anything”.
I didn’t understand, my fault, what MAI/MAC was all about and just assumed you had, end stage emphysema. I like being “taken to school”, as they say, 🙂 because I didn’t realise, the many different kinds of afflictions of the pulmonary system there are.
So you opened my eyes and I’ am grateful.
Your lung capacity probably doesn’t have any relevance to my condition..
Thank you for making me slow down and read more, carefully and comprehencelly; a must, when researching.
You have a wonderfull day, Katherine. God bless.

Hi Johnny I’m so happy to hear of your physical therapy. It is amazing what physical movement does! Being proactive says we love ourselves enough that we deserve miracles, God’s blessings, and loving support. I have had as low as 20% capacity even with meds and oxygen, but that has only been with severe flu and respiratory distress. I can’t imagine having 15%. But do know that I and others have that sense of stress and fear that come with breathing difficulty. I love doing upper body gentle exercises, like extending my arms, palms and head up, praising and thanking all the love and blessings in my life, and my lungs and heart smile too. Keep well everyone and enjoy the miracles of today! : )

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