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Lung volume

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Hello Johnny, I don’t know about you .. but I have always felt that “knowledge is power”. I am a pretty logical person .. but If I know what I am dealing with .. I can research .. figure out what is the best pathway for me to follow and then push ahead. I have 3 lung diseases .. my husband is Stage 4 cancer .. because of our journeys I have had to do a LOT of research .. decision making about the best way to go. It just plain helps me to “take charge” .. it takes away the fear .. and I have had fear PLENTY of times .. don’t kid yourself .. we all have. I love what I was told one time .. “It is like being in a canoe between two islands. You can’t see the island you left behind .. you can’t see the island ahead .. it is scary as all get out .. but all you can do is paddle like h—!” But the great thing about life is .. we DO get to that other island .. IF we do paddle like crazy! Do what we know we need to do to get to that other island!

If I was sitting in your shoes .. I would sit myself down .. write down the questions you have .. ask the pros and cons of each options the doctors presents
and then decide what option is best for YOU! Remember .. nobody cares about your health .. your body as much as you do.

Johnny, I am glad you have found this Forum .. keep us posted .. we are here for you .. sending you positive energy and a BIG hug! Katherine

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Thank you for sharing your story. I will ponder what you said especially the “It is like being in a canoe between two islands”.
I’ll remember this.
Thank you and God bless.

Hello John, I am so glad this little story helped you .. I know that it helped me at various times in my journey! When times get tough I’ll remind myself of that story .. and know that this too shall pass and I will see that island ahead .. and I will trust in my Higher Power that whatever is ahead I will be able to handle. That I am not given more than I have the strength and wisdom to deal with at any given time. Sending you a Big Hug! Katherine

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