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Is Camzyos effective long term?

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Thanks your response - I will see my cardiologist this week and see where it takes me. He has never mentioned AFIB so far.
It’s just that I did so well for 3 months on 5mg of Camzyos that I could not believe how overnight I could feel so bad. I feel better today but very perplexed going forward as don’t know what the next day will bring.

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I'm relieved to hear you see your doctor this coming week. It has to weigh heavy on you, but hopefully some of what you read here can bring a little peace of mind?
I appreciate the input from the awesome Mayo Connect HCM group, like @nanakpm who shared a wonderful response that reflects how different each one of us is and no two people will have the exact same response to medication. Mayo Connect allows us to share back and forth to help each other. Even if it's just a "hang in there" or "don't give up"!
This is pretty new to you, so I would probably be worried too. @nanakpm shows that being your own best advocate is what has helped her through a rough patch.

I mentioned AFIB because, for my Mom, when it was combined with her HOCM, it caused a deterioration to her health. And, like HCM, AFIB can be very difficult to diagnose. From what I understand, AFIB can only be detected when the patient's heart is being monitored -- and AFIB can very randomly start and stop on it's own.