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@doglover2 welcome to Mayo Connect. Bone marrow biopsies sound scary and many of our members in the blood disorders group have had one or more to either diagnose or check for progression of a broad list of blood disorders, or to rule them out.
Once your procedure is over, you will have better information about your health.
I jot down questions I have for my hematologist/oncologist and make sure that he answers them all before any procedure. If I’m not going to see him before, I call. I try not to sit with my anxiety. And I try to stay off of Dr. Google. Dr. Google is such a pessimist… Mostly gives you worse case scenarios.
I would love to hear back from you to hear about your experience with your bone marrow biopsy. When is your Biopsy scheduled?

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I won’t lie, mine hurt bad. They couldn’t numb me so I laid on my side and he had a huge needle he hammered into my hip bone. He was needing fluid to test for leukemia. My platelets were 1.2 million. They are still high. Anyway he apologized said he had to do it again he didn’t get any. I said I will come back he said no you won’t so we did it again. I won’t again. He ends up telling me it is ET and take an aspirin a day and after I go through menopause come back. It’s been 19 years. I have busting headaches everyday. I didn’t do hormones during menopause. I just did what my Mom and Grandma did. Suffered through it. I’m starting to have issues with circulation, lost 40 pounds, tired, my neck veins are bulging but it could be from the weight loss. When I first found out my platelets were high my Dr sent me to a cancer place in Memphis. These ladies all were so sick I was embarrassed for even being there. I heard the Dr laughing outside my door when she looked at my chart. Just make sure you take a friend or family member to have a hand to squeeze. You will be ok. By the way, you don’t happen to have RH Neg blood factor do you?