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Eating 1200 cals a day and still overweight

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Welcome @wonderwall12345, You are not alone in your weight journey. I struggled with weight most of my adult life and finally found a lifestyle change that helped me lose and maintain the weight loss. You mentioned intermittent fasting which is what helped me along with lowering the amount of carbs I was consuming. I posted my weight loss journey in the Low-carb healthy fat living. Intermittent fasting. What’s your why? discussion here:
--- https://connect.mayoclinic.org/comment/336050/.

Everyone is a little different but alternating between the 16/8 and 18/6 fasting plans worked best for me to maintain the weight and then if I started creeping up I would use the 20/4 or one meal a day fasting to bring the weight back down a little. It sounds like you are doing great with the exercise and healthy eating side of the equation which I was lacking at the start of my journey but it has also played a big part in helping me with the weight as long as I didn't relax and fall back into my snacking habits.

I use the free Zero fasting app on my phone which helps me stay on track - https://zerolongevity.com/. Do you use any kind of app or other method to help track your fasting?

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I’ll look forward to reading about your journey! Thank you.

John, I looked at your info. So glad its brought you success! It appears you’ve been doing this (intermittent fasting) a while. I am considering how it will fit into my schedule, considering my type I diabetes. I have an excellent pump, so that will help. I know other people with diabetes do it. I normally have a small mid morning breakfast, then dinner. I have an evening liquid snack that I count as my third meal. So…..I’m trying to figure out my best option for 20/4. Did you notice anyone who did the 20/4 a couple of days a week or should it be consistent everyday?