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Restless Leg Syndrome

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Try drinking Tonic Water….my Mayo doctor suggested a “gin and tonic
without the gin”! The quinine in the tonic water WILL take the jitters away
from the restless leg syndrome. I think that the tonic water tastes bitter,
so I mix it with crushed ice and a little fruit juice, such as cherry juice
or orange juice. It is AMAZING how much it helps after drinking a glass
every day. I use regular, not diet, tonic water. Best wishes!

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Thats interesting that it would work for you. But I highly doubt it. Is
there any scientific medical evidence in any journal to support this ? I
could try this but my problem is not “jitters”. It’s an actual burning
sensation on my pressure points from sitting in one place or pressure on my
elbows etc…only relieved by moving or getting up and mostly worse in the
evenings. It’s hard to believe it would be more effective than say
gabapentin……..but what the heck , anything is possible I suppose. It’s
worth a try….will comment when I have done this.

James G. Bourgeois

Right now I’m ready to throw the gin into the tonic!

I have been using a foam roller before bed. I roll out all my leg muscles, and my back. It really helps!

I've been doing tonic water (tho' I use the diet tonic) for years. Started it – well, started it because I like a vodka tonic in the evening – but the fact that it seemed to help leg and foot cramps was beneficial. Now, I include RLS in the benefits!!! it. does. seem. to . help.!!!!!

Hi @barbarn. I have always seen in research that quinine which is an ingredient in true tonic water is somehow beneficial to many with RLS and also may help some folks with leg cramps which I have every night for the first couple of hours after laying down. I used to enjoy it with gin, but now as a teetotaler, I have to be content with a twist of lime.

You go girl! My gin is already in the tonic!!! Amazingly enough, it didn’t do much!

@dizzydaisy Oh, to be able to have an alcoholic beverage now and then, particularly wine with dinner. I really miss that. I'm not sure if us post-transplants patients cannot drink due to fear it will cause liver damage, even when our problem was not alcohol, or if it's not good with immunosuppressants. I don't see my transplant doctor again until December, I will have to ask him then, even though I know it won't change anything. The nurse who is currently the go-between is not that useful unfortunately.

I am interested in how much tonic water you need to drink? The diet has aspartame which is not good. But 12 ounces has 32 grams of sugar. Just curious. Thanks.

How much tonic water do you drink? I am currently taking Vitron-C because my doctor said my Ferratin level was a low normal. There is a lot of sugar in tonic water so curious how much I should be drinking.

@vickieay hi there. I was told to drink tonic water for my severe muscle cramping. It works somewhat