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A Pint of Sweat, Saves a Gallon of Blood

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in reply to @kayabbott Thank you for this information. I have been tested for a variety of autoimmune disorders, and while many of the tests are "normal" the doctor has advised "you do not have xyz disorder." I am well aware that blood tests alone do not "tell all" but the specialist is unwilling to explore other avenues. I will soon see an immunologist, and I suspect that further testing will be completed, and I will discuss with him the tests that you have outlined. Yes on the diet, as I am keeping a food diary to present to the allergist. I am physically active and lift weights each day so I do not lose muscle mass. I have also met with a nutritionist, and will see her again soon. She understands that I may not be able to reach 2000 calories per day, and I am trying my best to increase my protein intake. Yes about the stress, and I have been unloading a lot of it, which has made a huge difference. I am fairly certain my thyroid is okay, per the tests, but my doctor is also checking on cortisol levels, as the first test was abnormal. It is a matter of getting to the lab early enough so another test can be completed, and if that one is also abnormal there will be another specialist to visit. Admittedly, I have so many different issues going on, and none of my clinicians can come up with a definitive diagnosis other than the fact that I am immune deficient. I have come to abhor doctor visits because the doctors keep running the same tests over and over, always getting the same results. Navigating the healthcare system feels like a full time job at times, and I often just forgo the doctor visits because I never get any useful information unless it is from the neurologist or pain management doctor. I am sure you understand. I am grateful for your response. I figure if I can maintain a steady weight, then I am doing fairly well. Force feeding myself is dreadful.

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That is great that you are so proactive on your health. Doctors are good for diagnosing the usual illnesses, but less so if someone has a complex mix of issues. A poor (or overworked) doctor goes for the easy answers rather than plunging in. My celiac diagnosis is based on symptoms because the GI screwed up (left side of Dunning Kruger chart); he was sure that I had diverticulitis (still don't have it) so only took one illeoscopy biopsy. I'm a retired research scientist so like to investigate. If you don't mind the medical terminology, ResearchGate has a lot of peer-reviewed publications.