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I'm 64 could I be a good candidate as a live donor?

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Welcome to Connect @ellgi, I’d like to introduce you to other members who shared their liver transplant. experiences (both recipients and donors). You may appreciate reading the messages on this thread. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/liver-transplant-for-primary-biliary-cirrhosis-pbc/

I’m also tagging @rosemarya @wmoser2613 to join the discussion here. They both have had a liver transplant. @coastalgirl received a kidney transplant from a living donor and @uneeq1 is a living kidney donor.

@ellgi, I’m sure you have many questions as your son prepares for needing a liver transplant. Sharing with people who have been there can help. Is your son currently on a transplant list?

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My son is not yet on the list as he needs 6 month sobriety. to get there. I understand this requirement. Im not sure he can last lo enough to meet that requirement. If he is advanced stages of cirrhosis would that mean he cannot do with receiving a partial liver? I mean can a patient with late stage cirrhosis benefit from a live donor, since only pat of liver is given, as opposed to a whole liver from a cadaver

I hope that you are holding up to the challenge that you are facing as a mother. I want to share the following with you, in case your son is interested in hearing it.
I was talking to my son who is 37. He told me of his friend, 36, who had been hiding a very severe alcohol addiction. I’ll shorten a long story. He was facing severe health issues and possible liver failure; but was was not eligible for a transplant.. He went thru a successful rehab program. And began healthy lifestyle. He does not need a liver transplant, now. I know it sounds like a story book, but it is possible to turn around liver damage with life style changes. He now counsels others who have alcohol addiction.
Tell him, for me, that I wish the best for him.

Thank you. It is the hope. I honestly am not feeling hopeful. My sister passed when she turned 40 of liver failure. This feels like reruns. However harder as a mom as opposed to being a sister. I will share your reply

O my goodness. I am so sorry for the loss of your sister. I lost my brother 2 years ago. I feel your pain. Please accept my condolences.
I can tell that you are a strong loving sis and mom. Your son is fortunate to have you there.

Let me share that I, too, had close loved one who was dealing with an alcohol problem during my time of liver failure and transplant. I remember the fear and tension that lived inside of me. And sometimes made hope hard to feel. One thing that helped me in seemingly hopeless times, was to look for one positive thing each day. And to celebrate that in my heart. Each night I could recall that one bright moment and feel peace and hope. ( I am a prayerful person, so for me, that provided my strength each day) many times, on my darkest days, even the blessings were numerous.
I encourage you to take care of yourself, physically, mentally, spiritually.
I am keeping you in my thoughts. You are not alone.

I can’t find your last message now but thank you for it! I too am a praying woman and I am a child of the Most High! As is my son. I do appreciate greatly your advice.

Dear @ellgi , I am thinking about you and your son. I hope that there is some forward movement. I wish you both patience and hope on your step-by-step journey. May you enjoy some special blessings today. Rosemary

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