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12 mm Spiculated Nodule upper right lobe

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Thank you so much for all the information. I have been in denial about the whole thing for awhile, thinking that it was just going to disappear again. The doctor did say that if anything it would probably be stage 1 and he didn't think that I would be needing chemo/radiation afterwards. He also mentioned that he didn't think my PET/CT would show much more than the CT did. Regardless, having the PET/CT done next week. I know that many of you are going through far worse and I should consider myself very lucky that it's caught early, but I'm still very scared.

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@joannamountain24, It's ok to be scared, this is scary stuff! I liked to live in denial too, it's a comfortable place to be, but sometimes our bodies have other plans for us. None of this is easy, but we get through it with the support of others.

Lung cancer is a gut punch whether you are stage one or stage four. When we were younger this was an automatic death sentence. It's hard to imagine otherwise it's so ingrained.

The reason your doctor thinks the PET scan won't reveal much is because it images metabolic activity. GGOs are not terribly metabolically active. And they are slow to experience apoptosis (cell death) so they don't shed pieces of the dead cell into the bloodstream so liquid biopsies are not useful either. I tried,

Please know that I am grateful that this was caught so early. Patient advocates have been pushing hard to find a way to detect these early. Your early diagnosis, no matter how incidentally it was found, represents a kind of victory.