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Low resting heart rate (50's)

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Well I am one for the books. I’ve had Afib for 40 years and I’ve had a low heart rate all my life, 46 resting. I am not an athlete nor do I have any symptoms of tiredness, dizziness, and or shortness of breath. I am 76 and in good health with bounds of energy. I only experienced episodes of Afib once or twice a year until I had Covid for a month two years ago. Since then, I get more Afib episodes at least once or twice a month. I’ve only been to ER 4 times since then. They put me on a diltiazem drip and two hours later my heart corrects. The cardiologist gave that drug to me in pill form which usually takes two hours to correct. Since I am getting them more frequently they suggest an ablation. I am very hesitant due to potential risks. My blood pressure is usually 117/75. I don’t drink anything caffeinated and watch my sugar intake. I also keep very hydrated with electrolytes. So my concern is the getting an ablation.

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Everyone is different, but here is my experience. I had AFIB, severe left atrial regurgitation, atrial valve not opening properly, no comorbidities. I had mitral valve repair, ablation, and LAAC at 78, over a year-and-a-half ago. No more AFIB (it can work permanently). I exercise and eat smartly (low in calories, sugar, salt, and caffeine). I got off of Eliquis after four months by wearing a heart monitor for 30 days to be sure AFIB was gone. I had to push my cardiologist to put me on the monitor. My vital stats while sitting average 116/66, heart rate 68. I have also now weaned myself off of 12.5mg metoprolol daily and 81mg aspirin daily. (Read recent JAMA article that said low dose aspirin causes brain bleeding over time. Now it is recommended only for stroke and heart attack victims as I understand it. I have also read that metoprolol interferes with sodium and sugar levels. Too low an amount of sugar or salt can cause dizziness as I read it.) Vitals and alertness are better than ever. Daily, I do take a magnesium glycinate supplement containing 29% of RDA. Pure Encapsulations is the best brand I have found. I have read that magnesium and moderate exercise help folks to stay out of AFIB). I had a great surgeon at WakeMed in Raleigh, Dr. Boulton, who did all of the heart stuff. That was key of course. He also supports magnesium supplements. Overall, I feel extremely fortunate. Lastly, be sure to read "The AFIB Cure".