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Training Module 1

Mayo Clinic Champions program knowledge


There are several different ways to participate. Select the best fit for you based on your interest and schedule. Choose any opportunity that reflects your style, skills and level of involvement.

Example of social media sharing option.

Online outreach

For those who are active on social networks, we’ve made it easy for you to share the latest inspiring stories, health news and trends quickly with your friends and followers. You help spread trusted health information and hope to those you care about and reach those who are looking for answers in their healthcare journey. It’s quick and easy to share.

Start Sharing

Community Outreach

You have a unique health care story. We’ve provided easy ways for you to share your experience within your community. Through sharing your experience, you help others find comfort, answers and peace of mind.

For sharing your story more broadly, Mayo has resources and guidance to prepare you for speaking with groups:

  • Reach out and tell your story at local support groups, social clubs, faith-based organizations, or patient advocacy conferences.
  • Use your experience to guide and comfort those who are thinking of visiting Mayo Clinic for their first time. It's as simple as posting responses to those who have questions.

Help in your own way

Help however you feel most comfortable, at your own pace. If there is a unique way you have shared about Mayo Clinic, let us know. Your fellow Champions and Mayo Clinic would love to hear about it.


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