Breast Cancer Awareness

Oct 6, 2020 | coltenbuxman | @coltenbuxman

   Assessing the Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Breast Cancer Mortality in the United States

The chart below is provided to us by the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health. The chart is comparing white women to black women based on the diagnosis of breast cancer and their mortality rates. As you can see in the chart you can see that there are more white women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, however black women have a higher rate of mortality. Age has a lot to do with the incidence rates of breast cancer. Black women have higher incidence rates under the age of 45. Exercise, proper diet, and minimalizing alcohol consumption are all extremely important to reducing your risk of breast cancer. The United States National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health provides credible information about the racial disparities regarding breast cancer incidence rates and mortality rates. Please refer to the link to read more in depth information about racial disparities pertaining to breast cancer. Please read the conclusion if you have the time at the bottom of the weblink.

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