Should I get a second opinion?

Jan 5, 2021 | Joey Keillor | @joeykeillor | Comments (4)




Dealing with a complicated medical condition can feel overwhelming at times, and it’s normal to have questions and concerns. Seeking a second or even third opinion is a reasonable approach if doing so will help you feel more confident about the diagnosis you’ve been given and the plans for treatment.

There are many reasons why you may want to seek another opinion, such as:

  • Your provider isn’t an expert in your condition or he or she is having trouble making a diagnosis.
  • You’re having difficulty understanding your condition and you’d like the condition and options for treatment explained by someone else.
  • Your doctor prefers an approach to treatment that you don’t agree with or feel isn’t best for you.
  • Your current treatment plan isn’t working.

To get a second opinion, you can ask your doctor to refer you to someone else. You can also ask family members or friends who’ve been treated for the similar conditions about their experiences. Another option is to check with your insurance company for a list of approved providers.

If the second opinion results agree with the first, you can feel more confident you’re taking the right approach. If the opinions are different, you’ll have to decide which option you feel is best. Consider what issues are most important to you and what you feel makes the most sense.

If you’re having difficulty making a decision, seek out a medical provider who knows you and whom you trust, such as your family physician. Ask him or her to review the information with you and help you reach a decision.


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In asking your doctor for a reference for second opinion, sometimes we need to be careful. The doctor may take offense to the question, may not respond, or may even refuse to see you as a patient again! Timing, art of gentle inquiry and sincerity are all critical in getting to a second or third opinion.

Just my humble opinion!


Ginger, I totally understand where you are coming from! But I have learned if they don't like what I have to say, that is there problem! It's my body! In 75 years I have made it a point to try and listen to it!
I'm the one who suffers the pain! The one that has an adverse reaction to a medication!
You don't have to be Rude, even if they are! But you have to stand firm and make valid points.


My eye doctors have always been happy to give reference for second opinion including to Bascom Palmer in Miami. If a doctor is offended by request for second opinion, I think it is time to get new doctor.


Don, So True! My Feeling is my "Boomer Generation" were raised not to question people in authority! Mine came from my Dad who was a Lt. Colonel in WWII.
It takes something to happen to understand that we are our Best Advocates!

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