Hearing loss: Are you putting off getting help?

Jan 18, 2022 | Marie Suszynski, Writer | @mariemayohecs | Comments (1)



If you’re having trouble even thinking about talking to your doctor about your hearing loss, you’re not alone. Many people deny that they’re having trouble hearing and put off a visit to the doctor.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • It’s so gradual, you don’t notice it — Hearing loss usually develops over time, so you may not recognize the problem at first. Without even realizing it, you may have found ways to compensate for your hearing loss. For example, maybe you’ve gotten good at reading people’s lips.
  • You’re hearing people just fine — you just don’t always understand them — Many people underestimate the severity of their hearing loss. When people lose their hearing, they tend to lose the ability to hear high-pitched tones first, like consonant sounds. Consonants are the sounds of speech that provide clarity and crispness to what you hear. So when you experience hearing loss, voices may still sound loud, but they also seem unclear.
  • You don’t want people to think you’re old or incapable — Many people are concerned they’ll be stigmatized just by wearing a hearing aid. A common concern expressed by people coming to terms with hearing loss is that others might assume they’re also losing the ability to think and act independently.

The truth is, hearing loss is more common than you might realize — and there’s no shame in coming to terms with it and taking steps to make your situation better. The sooner you seek help to improve your hearing, the more quickly you can get back to all the things about your life that make it worth living.


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This is very encouraging, my reluctance is that my late husband got hearing aides but the sound was very distorted despite many tune up visits. It was too expensive, but the person was very nice and had been recommended by a friend. We ended up not using them and concentrated one having one on one conversations and smaller gatherings.

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