Mayo in the News: Post-COVID Syndrome Brain Fog

Jul 28, 2021 | Greg Vanichkachorn | @drvan | Comments (3)

One of the common symptoms of Post COVID Syndrome (PCS) is also the most frequently overlooked. Trouble with thinking, commonly referred to as brain fog, is reported by almost 50% of patients who have visited Mayo Clinic for care of PCS.

Our multidisciplinary team caring for patients with brain fog was recently featured in the news on a local NBC network and

KARE 11, or, Mayo's brain rehab now helping post-COVID patients by Jennifer Austin

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How do you become a patient of the multidisciplinary team?


How do you become a patient of the multidisciplinary team?

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hi Jennifer, the first step to becoming a patient at Mayo Clinic and part of a multidisciplinary team is to call and request an appointment. Here's how

Read more about the COVID Activity Rehabilitation Program and Next Steps here:

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