Inside the Eau Claire Family Birth Center

Apr 4, 2022 | Miri Levi | @midwifemiri

Mayo Clinic offers obstetric services in Eau Claire to birthing patients and their families expecting a child. This hospital birth center features large sized labor and birth rooms equipped with whirlpool birth tubs, birth balls, and other pain medication options as desired by the patient. 

The postpartum rooms are decorated with natural stone, and dried flowers creating a calming atmosphere for new parents. According to Tara Sabin, the Midwifery Supervisor for the Northwest Wisconsin region, the ambience in the hospital along with the "view of half-moon lake and the park leads to a feeling of relaxation. Sabin shares that during a stressful time period, when you've had your baby, everything around you at Mayo Clinic in Eau Claire favors relaxation. 

In the event that additional support is needed for the newborn, the Special Care Nursery is available to care for those vulnerable babies. If you have to be separated from your baby due to medical concerns, an option to see your baby through streaming video is available 24/7 from anywhere with internet access. 

If you are planning to breastfeed, lactation consultants are available to provide support and assist with breastfeeding needs during your stay. The lactation counselors are also available on an outpatient basis after you go home. 

Obstetric care at Mayo Clinic at Eau Claire is provided by team members who truly believe that childbirth is a normal, natural process. This philosophy has led to a model of care that has a lower cesarean rate than the national average. Learn more about the OB care providers available in Eau Claire.  

Learn more about the Family Birth Center in Eau Claire. 

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