Reflecting on Covid-19 in Pregnancy Since 2020 with Dr. Elizabeth Enninga

Jun 16 12:45pm | Miriam E Levi | @midwifemiri

Dr. Elizabeth Ann L. Enninga, Ph.D is a reproductive immunologist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Her research has focused on studying the immune systems of pregnant women in relation to their babies. This has included studying global effects of the immune response in pregnancy, down to studying what responses are happening in the placenta (which is the interface between the mother and the baby). 

Her research made her well positioned to look at the immune response of pregnancy women to COVID-19. She published a systematic review on COVID-19 and pregnancy in a 2020 issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings. She can now discuss how things have changed from time of the publication of the review, before we had a vaccine, today, when vaccines are widely available to the pregnant women. Learn more in this informative question and answer discussion with Dr. Enninga.  

The goal of Dr. Enninga's research is to develop a deeper understanding of the immune system during uncomplicated pregnancies so that we can better predict, respond to and manage pregnancy complications more efficiently and effectively. Dr. Enninga works with a collaborative team of scientists and clinicians with the shared objective of improving fetal and maternal health. 

Learn more about Dr. Enninga's research interests. 

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