OB Nest Prenatal Care in the Mayo Clinic Health System

May 3, 2022 | Miri Levi | @midwifemiri

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Prenatal care at Mayo Clinic is offered in a variety of ways to meet each individual patient’s needs. For many patients, virtual care is a convenient addition to routine obstetric care that can add flexibility to their lives. The Mayo Clinic OB Nest program is available in Rochester and the Mayo Clinic Health System for those patients that are looking for a more innovative care option.  

Dr. Cara Syth shared her story of providing virtual prenatal care through the OB Nest program in Menomonie, Wisconsin:  

 Finding out you’re expecting a new baby is an exciting time for a family. After the initial rush of emotions, you may find yourself with many questions. How do I find the safest car seat? Should the nursery have a theme? When do I need to visit my health care provider for prenatal care? Is virtual prenatal care an option for me? 

 At your first obstetrics visit with Mayo Clinic Health System, you and your health care provider will discuss Mayo Clinic OB Nest, a virtual prenatal care option, to determine if you are a candidate for the program. Convenient online and telephone appointments replace approximately every other in-person clinic visit. This is helpful for people with busy schedules by eliminating travel time to appointments, reducing childcare needs for siblings and decreasing time away from work for prenatal care. 

Throughout your pregnancy, you will listen to your baby’s heartbeat with a fetal Doppler and measure your blood pressure at home. Health information gathered from this equipment will be shared with your obstetrics team during virtual visits. Answers to your questions or concerns are available by phone and through the patient portal, which enables you to send questions directly to your care team anytime. 

The goal is to give women who are pregnant options that work best for their lifestyle and personal preference. Some women may prefer more in-person visits rather than virtual options. Your OB provider will work with you to create a prenatal care plan that works best for you based on your preferences for your healthcare. 

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