Way To Go Arizona!

Sep 24, 2019 | Dr. Melanie Chandler, HABIT FL Director | @drmelaniechandler | Comments (1)

Arizona HABIT Team

I want to congratulate Arizona on completing today 5 out of 7 HABIT sessions so far this year!  Arizona has done such a wonderful job of getting the message of HABIT out in the Phoenix area that it has resulted in amazing demand for the program.  Such a demand, in fact, that they have almost doubled the number of sessions offered there! (Most HABIT sites offer the program 4 times a year.)

We understand how much work goes into making that happen, so hats off to you, Dr. Locke, and the whole Arizona team.  Way to set the bar!!!

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Thanks so much @drmelaniechandler ! We're excited to grow and appreciate being a part of the larger HABIT team!

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