Tips to Avoid Cross-Contamination in Gluten-Free Foods

Oct 3, 2018 | Kanaaz Pereira, Connect Moderator | @kanaazpereira | Comments (1)

People who've been diagnosed with celiac disease and are following a gluten-free diet, are surprised to learn just how little gluten it actually takes to make them sick. People often wonder how can a food that is naturally gluten-free contain gluten? The answer is cross-contamination.

Cross-contamination occurs when gluten comes into contact with gluten-free foods. Jacalyn See, clinical dietitian at Mayo Clinic explains simple ways to help prevent this and minimize exposure to gluten cross-contamination.

Here are some tips of recommended ways to stay gluten-free:

  • Buy grains that are certified gluten free to ensure cross-contamination didn’t take place during processing in the factory.
  • Buy a separate toaster, or use toaster bags which are readily available at supermarkets.
  • Buy separate jars of condiments, or use squeeze bottles; label the containers.
  • Have separate cutting boards, knives, utensils for gluten-free use.

When eating out be aware of

  • foods cooked in oil where battered foods have been fried
  • meat and other food cooked on a grill which is also used for cooking regular food with gluten
  • gluten-free pasta that may be cooked in water used for regular pasta, or rice that may be cooked in liquid containing gluten

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Jacalyn See is a registered clinical dietitian at Mayo Clinic.

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How about canned beans? Instructions for dry beans are to pick over them carefully and rinse them thoroughly. I don't know if canned beans are typically prepared that carefully. Are there any GF canned bean brands?

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