CCFA to Study Impact of Specific Diets on Crohn's Disease

May 25, 2017 | Kanaaz Pereira, Connect Moderator | @kanaazpereira

One of the first questions that people diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have is, "What can I eat, and will changing my diet help with the symptoms or even cure my disease?"  The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) has been given $2.5 million to investigate the value of a carbohydrate-rich diet and a Mediterranean-style diet in preventing relapse in Crohn’s patients who are currently in remission. People enrolled will be randomized to one of the two diets, and free meals will be provided for six weeks through a meal-delivery service. Patients can continue purchasing meals afterwards. There will be multiple sites across the country, and Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota is one of them. Dr. Sunanda Kane M.D., outlines more details about the study, known as the Food and Crohn’s Exacerbation Study (FACES).

You can learn more about the study online here.

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Dr. Kane is a gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic.

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